Ideal Combinations

Whether your outdoor space needs the royal treatment or a pop of pink, there are countless combinations to suit any preference or personality. Here are a few ideas:




Kir Royal

  • Calibrachoa Aloha Hot Pink

  • Verbena Empress Flair Violet Blue

  • Potunia Blackberry Ice

Water Colors

  • Verbena Empress Flair Dark Red Charme

  • Lobelia Hot Waterblue

  • Potunia Plus Yellow

Hot Pink Jazz

  • Calibrachoa Aloha Tiki Soft Pink

  • Verbena Empress Strawberry Charme

  • Potunia Neon

Purple Cleopatra

  • Calibrachoa Aloha Purple Sky

  • Verbena Empress Purple

  • Sweetunia Purple Vein


  • Calibrachoa Aloha Tiki Orange

  • Verbena Empress Violet Blue Charme

  • Petunia Surprise Red